Welcome to MWP Studios, Ideal for HD Motion Picture + Photographic Campaigns. Including;  Fashion, Beauty, Portrait, Catalogue, Product, Jewelry.  Advertising Campaigns + Original Content Production for;  Webcast, Television, Motion Picture Film, Corporate, Educational, Philanthropic, Political and Artistic.    Creation + Completion + Vision =  Goals + Achievement + Success.   Check out our teams and let us know what you need.  



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MWP Studios is owned and operated by Photographer and Director Michael William-Paul.  It is the next step in the advancement of professional imaging production and creative story telling.  With his extensive international work toward sustainable solutions, and vast portfolio for fashion and advertising, Michael brings his studios to life as a creative workspace, set to inspire, innovate and share in the creation of this combined passion for clients, friends and fellow like minded individuals.


“There is no time for cut-and-dried monotony.

There is time for work. And time for love.

That leaves no other time”

Coco Chanel

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Have something to ask? Below are some of the more common questions that may come to mind, don’t hesitate ask away.

How long will the entire production process take?
The length of an entire production process varies depending, it is important to have proper planning for pre-production so that implementation is clear and there is room for the art to flow.  Distribution, output and marketing with any additional Public Relations is also important for effective market saturation and absorption into the targets.
How far in advance should I begin, and when should I start my production?
All great inventions start with the idea.  If you’re asking this question then your production has already begun.  The next process starts with an email a phone call, and a sit down discussion so that synergy can flow into action and planning.
What happens after my production is completed?
Since production planning and breakdowns are imperative to a successful marketing campaign, Edits, Proofing, Rushes, Samples, are all quickly moved along into completion stages for proper output and distribution.  If you need management support on these means or PR then we can help.
Do you offer special deals for new or start-up companies?
Special deals for new or start-up companies will be taken in consideration depending on the circumstances of the start-up.
If we work with you for a series of productions do we get a reduced rate?
If we see that there is room for agreement during the production process we will offer a reduced rate and long term clients/projects are always encouraged to help motivate brand identity and consistency for marketing
What happens if the Board of Directors in my company do not agree on the vision or final product?
For any dissatisfaction please contact us so that we can reach an agreement.
Can I receive a deadline or delivery guarentee?
If the agreed deadline and guarantee is reasonable we always work hard to ensure deadlines and output to suit everyones needs.
Can we shoot our own content and have you edit and package it for us?
Yes so long as the content is of prof. quality and you have the rights to do so.
We have to work within our budget, can you help us cut unnecessary costs?
Please contact us with an estimated amount of what your budget is so we can gauge whether or not we can cut down the costs and where this can be done best while ensuring quality content.
What can I do to better prepare my company when contacting your business for a potential production option?
When contacting us please prepare a basic understanding of what you wish to achieve and what your project is and we will start from there.